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Studio Policies


Regular attendance is essential for students to progress in dance.  If the student must miss a lesson, please phone the office and leave a message for your instructor.  If you know ahead of time that you must miss a class, please check with your instructor to arrange a suitable make-up time in advance.  Each student will be allowed to make-up (2) classes per year (as long as there is another class available).

Please do not schedule multiple activities in which the student will miss multiple classes.  This puts the student at a disadvantage to the other dancers and disrupts the rest of the class.

It Boils down to this...

A commitment has been made to the studio that the student will arrive on time, every week, in dance attire, and ready for his or her class.  At the same time, the studio has made a commitment to you that the teacher will provide a clean, fun, and safe environment in which the student will learn.



Our studio encourages parents to observe their child's lesson.


However, observers must remain quiet in the sitting area, including siblings.  If a sibling is not able to do this, please do not bring him/her to the studio.  Our waiting area is not a playground, as we are a place of business.


The viewing area is closed on the third lesson of the month.



When parking at the Antioch studio, please use the assigned spaces or the gravel parking lot.  We love our neighbors...Let's keep them happy!


Dress Code

Please come to class with clean hands, face, and dancewear.  Students should use the washroom before class.


Tap shoes with single eyelet ribbons need to be replaced with 1/4" black elastic sewn in a loop.


Proper dance attire (including shoes) is required at all lessons.  Students will not be allowed to participate if not in proper attire.


Name Should Be On All Shoes

No Jewelry

No Eating or Chewing gum

Long Hair Must Be Pulled Back

No Jeans or Play Clothes


Girls: Pom-Jazz-Hip Hop:
Leotards Tan jazz shoes/ Black dance sneaker (hip-hop only)
Tights Jazz/Yoga pants or shorts (must wear tights w/shorts)
Pink ballet shoes Form Fitting shirt
Black tap shoes No baggy clothes
Tan jazz shoes  
Boys: Ballet Class ONLY
Sweat pants, shorts, or dance pants Black leotard
Shirt must be tucked in Pink tights
Black jazz shoes Pink ballet/Pointe shoes